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reģistrēts - Mikseris.LV forumā
reģistrēts - Mikseris.LV forumā

Joined: 23-Jan-2012 20:28:48
Posts: 3
Pārdodās plates (labā stāvoklī), cenas sākot no 50 santīmiem par plati, var pirkt pa blokiem , stili dažādi, sākot ar pop, house, drum and base, trance beidzot ar techno. Mans e-mail z-2011@inbox.lv visas apmēram 290 plates maksā 200Ls.
1.Underworld_born slippy_1996 7Ls
2.Puretone_stuck in a groove_2002 3Ls
3.legacy of sound_dr. alban remix_happy_treble clef records 1Ls
4.Boy George_bow down mister_1991_virgin 1Ls
5.D: Ream_U R the best thing_1993_Warner music 1Ls
6.Tin Tin out_ always_1995_Warner music 1Ls
7.Fantastic plastic machine_there must be an angel_bungalow rec. 3Ls
8.Rodney Mansnsfield_let`s get it on_Expansion rec 1Ls
9.Paula Abdul_Straight up house mix_siren rec_1988 0,50Ls
10.Dance mania 2_full force dance_star rec_1989 2Ls
11.Prince ital joe&marky mark_United mix_eastwest rec+1994 1Ls
12.Tatjana_santa maria mix_love this records_1995 1Ls
13.Move your body 1_eva records_1990 2Ls
14.Twenty 4 seven_are you dreaming mix_BCM rec 1Ls
15.Twenty 4 seven_i can`t stand it_BCM 1Ls
16.DJ k-Gee_Upside down 1,50 Ls
Visas kopā 20Ls

1.Chris Maidin feat. 50 cent_you shot me_exclusive – 100 copies only 2Ls
2.Estelle_1980_v2 music_2004 2Ls
3.Bleachin_ „comin` down” _dope mix_Masters at work_2Ls
4.Soul II Soul_a new decade vol.2 _199o_Virgin 4Ls
Visas kopā pa 8 Ls

1.Blue Tribe_What`s Goin `on_Virgin_1996
3.Staxx_You_dance Pool
4.Kim Sanders_Jealously_Dance pool rec.
5.Wintersun_can`t stand the pain_automatic rec.
6.Thin men_you are/original/moschic remix_pipelinemusic_promo
7.My digital enemy_Runaway(feel the love) ft. Georgie Dennis_mde001
8.The partycrashers_airport_Mostiko rec
9.Agent Sumo_snakecharmer_Prolifica rec_2003
10.Marco Bellini_the nitor of love_plastica red rec.
12.C U Mundee_no ones leaving_fine recordings
13.Good_Save use_smoth agent rec.
14.Terri Walker_rest of soul_T.P.
15.Red_realease the pressure_southern fried_power eclusive 1: 5 test pressings
16.Mark Wheawill_tension/eastern joy_Gravitation rec. 002
17.Etiene de crelu_am i wrong
18.React far to field
19.Styerling moss vs. Alan inferno_North & south /disco cream_race005_05/12/2001
20.Groovemaster K,& Daniel Garcia_Funky Traxx vol.3_clubstar_2004 july
21.Macca&Jacca_say say say_mostiko records
22.Thin men_you are/shuter vision remix/telepathic remix_pipelinemusic_promo
23.New mondo_new mondo volume2_eight-fifteen recordings_15092002
24.Deep sleevless wisn`t_dino lenny`s old skool mix
25.Prince dred feat. Bunny sigler_ are you a freak (like me?) remixed_black vinyl record
26.Members of house_these ar my people_shockwave records
27.SaudacaO aos OrixAs feat. Vera Mara_ Orixas/Pancho siku_ibadan recordings corp.
28.Axe corner_tortuga/dr kuchoremix/philter remix_va recordings_2003
29.Sucka Dj_full on techno remix
30.Optika_cycloptic vision/original/deeper mix_opek music 001_2003 02 03
31.Yoshimoto_du what U du_UNO-002
32.Tagster_chasin te sun/club vocal mix/ radio edit
33.Sterio& mcgrath- hostile ground_streio& McGrath`s original/ perc remix_source 018
34.Cadido_Jingo_Azuli 98_1999
35.Junior jack vs. Richard Grey_u look fantastic/Dawn madison club mix/ regular mix/ Anthem mix RG 12027
36.Inner city_Good love/ reese deeper mix/ uplifting chill dub_kms076
37.Groovemaster K. & Daniel Garcia pres._funky traxx vol 3._ Clubstar 039
38.Seamushaji presents get this!_ work that sucka_big love 004
39.The hidraulic dogs_the fountain/ club mix/ dub mix
40.Dj DLG_epiphany ep part 01/let it go/ the drums_ECR006p1
41.Dj DLG_epiphany ep part 02/ rock your world/ got soul_ ECR006p2
42.Ross couch_in the night/Big business_black trax007
43.Kollage_Beneath the earth (part two)_Suw22T
44.Hook vs. Philter_the feeling/nick hook mix/philter mix_ovp001
45.Lamya_Empires/ that kid chris/ widelife remixes_j records_2002 28 10
46.Silver street_everybody get busy/ original mix/ rufneck mix_club 01
47.The candyman_revelations/ original 97 mix/ 2002 redub
48.Wayne G feat. Stewart who_ twisted/ shurp dub/ danny tenaglia`s mix_it`s fabulous rec1206R
49.Jack n Daniels_tearin` it up/Rippin club mix/ rippin dub-solid soul_solid rec 007
50.Dutch feat. Crystal Waters_ my time/the scumfrogsdub/ lee cabrera remix_illustrious limited TP
51.Holly valance_naughty girl/vocal dube/earnie lake hustle mix/ bare brush mix
52.Phasebase_that house track/ deeper & deeper_555 recordings 002
53.Shinichi_behrouz/black plate mix/main mix_shinichi promo
54.Pablo Avocado_I love Ya/ i love Ya drums_ apd008
55.The partycrashers_airport/extended/ futuer remix/ elektrokid remix/ radio mix_ Mostiko rec.
56.Hooked_step right up
57.Pimenov_rockstar/ original mix/ mashtronic remix_oven ready production licensed Russia
58.Kyoto Jazz massive_mind expansions_compost119-1
59.Justin Robertson Presents revtone_ The berlin mmixes_bug 011
60.Julius Papp_the awakening EP_large music 078
61.Terry Francis_strong woman EP_pagan records 046
62.Repair_ convient Arran Ements_sub static records 99lp
Visas kopā 60 Ls pa vienai 2,50 Ls.
Dj tools scratch master vinyl
Precision incisions_ from the mind of.. Focus
Break Monger_Battle breaks_ designed for Turntablists_chisal sound
Šīs divas pa 12 Ls, pa vienai 7 Ls

Uk garage
1.MJ cole_sincere LP_Mercury records 4x 12” 12 Ls
2.Lisa Stansfield_Let`s just call it love_BMG Arista 3Ls
3.The Underdog Project_summer Jam_Loop dance 3Ls
Visas kopā pa 15 Ls

Liquid drum and bass

2.Weapons of Mass creation 3_Cyantifix_ Sonic_london elektricity_cls_other_hospital records
3.Logistics_spacejam EP_Hospital records 81
4.The Masterplan part 2_Innerground records 22 EP
5.Dave Angel_rotation( dj marky & XRS remix)_ brother(xrs remix)_ v records 011
6.Dj Marky & XRS_ the invaderz/ the wizard_ innerground records 017
7.Michael jackson_ human nature (makoto remix)
8.Dj Patife_overjoyed feat Cleveland Watkis (Makoto remix)_Innerground records 016

Visas kopā pa 50 Ls

• Linne Walton - Give me your love (A1: DJ Dado Main Mix, A2: LOve Byte House RMX, B1: JB Sound Radio Mix, B2: DJ Dado Club Mix [2aemK Records]
• CZR feat. Delano - I want you (A1: Original Vocal Mix, A2: Stella Browne Mix, B1: Rivercross Remix, B2: Twisted Dub) [Subliminal Records]
• The Supermen Lovers - Diamonds for her (A1: Diamonds for her (Original Version), A2: Diamonds for her (Pound Boys Vocsl Mix), B1: Diamonds for her (2020Vision's Basic Dub), B2: Family Business) [Lafessé Records]
• F.D. - Somebody's watching me (A1: Fab 4 Mix, A2: 54 Mix, B1: Risque Mix, B2: Overdub Remix) [WHite Label]
• Faithless - Mass Destruction (Vinyl1 A: Paul Jackson Big Weapon, B1: Paul Jackson's Destruction Dub, B2: P Nut & Sister Bliss Mix), Vinyl2 A: Tom Middleton Cosmos Mix, B: Tom Middleton Cosmos Dub) [Cheeky Records]
• Mert Yucel pres. Silent Runner - Deep Xperience E.P. (A: The definition, B1: Solid Filter, B2: Darkness) [Choo Choo Records]
• DJ Antoine - The Disco Bassline EP (A1: The Disco Bassline (Pumpin' Groove Mix), A2: The Disco Bassline (Real Disco Bassline Mix), B1: God Was My First Love (Original Mix), B2: God Was My First Love (To A Higher Level Mix), B3: God Was My First Love (Mad Mark's UK Mix) [Fresh Fruit]
• Mya - Free The Remixes (A1: Milk and Sugar Club Remix, A2: Milk and Sugar Club Instrumental, B1: Milk and Sugar Vocal Dub, B2: Milk and Sugar Dub Instrumental) [Interscope, WEA]
• Dannii Minogue - Put the needle on it (A: Extended Original, B: Nevins Club Creation) [London]
• Dannii Minogue - Put the needle on it (A: Cicada Vocal Remix, B1: Tiga's Cookies Dub Edit, B2: Cicade Dub) [London]
• We in music - Now that love has gone (A1: Cryin in the dark Mix, A2: From Happiness to Loneliness Mix, B1: Main Mix, B2: One love goes ten come [Virgin]
• Influence - House Party (A1: N.Y. House Mix, A2: Barocca Klubb Mix, B1: DJ Daan Remix, B2: Milk & Sugar Remix [House Nation]
• Sam La More - Takin' hold (A1: Main Mix, A2: Ural 13 Diktators Remix, B1: Da Hool pres. Nifea Remix, B2: Musica Dub) [Submental Records]
• Echopark pres. No more - Suicide Commando (A: Extended Club Mix, B1: New York Mix, B2: New York Cut) [Fuel]
• Elektrochemie LK feat. Caitlin Devlin - Sweet darling (A1: Maxi Single Version, A2: Turntable Rockers Remix, B1: Olav Basoski Remix, B2: Olav Basoski Dub Remix) [Fuel]
• Bhangra Knights vs. Husan - Husan (A1: Original Mix, A2: Tantra Step Mix, A3: Chew Fu Phat Remix, B1: Extended Mix, B2: Dub Version) [EastWest]
• Fight Club feat. Laurent Konrad - Spread Love (A, B) [WHITE LABEL]
• Bassmen Sending SOS (A: Sono's Police Squad Remix, B: Bassmen Mix) [Superior]
• Pearl - Kissing like a virgin (Vinyl1 A: Club Mix, B1: Neo Disco Edit, B2: Radio Edit, Vinyl2 A1: Euro Extended Mix, A2: U-Klub Mix, B1: Doug Laurent Mix, B2: Doug Laurent Dub) [Beam, BMG]
• Syntone - Heal my world The Remixes (A: Speedy Groove Dub, B: Speed it up Mix) [Club Culture]
• Diva Surprise feat. Georgia Jones (A1: Mothafunking Clubcut, A2: Dub-A-Fonk, B1: SM in motion Mix, B2: Full Vocal Extended) [Club Tools]
• Marc et Claude - I need your lovin' (like the sunshine) (A: John Johnson Remix, B: HH's Respect Mix) [Alphabet City]
• Robbie Rivera - Grooves (A1: Robbie's Drop That Funk Dub, A2: Robbie's Drop That Funk Mix, B1: Benjamin Bates Remix, B2: Main Mix) [ID&T]
• Members of Mayday - Troopa of tomorrow (A: Troopa of tomorrow, B: Let it rock) [Low Spirit]
• DJ Errik - Fast Cars & Bitches (A: Original Mix, B1: Pierre Deutschmann Mix, B2: Big Room Mix) [Superstar Recordings]
• Bent Fabric - Jukebox (A: Spanish Fly Remix, B: Original Extended) [Official Coca Cola Summerhit]
• Martin Solveig - Rocking Music Remixes (A: Kiki's Superdub, B1: Tom Newman Remix, B2: M&M's Remix) [Penso Positivo, Urban]
• Billy More - I keep on burning (Vinyl1 A: Original Extended, B1: Denis the Menace Club Mix, B2: Tom Novy Remix, Vinyl2 A1: Denis the Menace Club Mix, A2: Denis the Menace Bonus Reprise, B1: '94 Mix, B2: Acapella) [Polydor]
• Katoi - Sucker DJ (A: Original, B: Marcin "Highfish" Kozlowski Remix) []
• Funk for Sale - Loco (A: Sono's Go Atari RMX, B1: Nicolas Vallee Mix, B2: Extended Version) [Modul]
• Silverspin feat. Zoe - Oh Superman (A1: Original Club Mix, A2: FEOS Treatment, B1: Par-T-One 021 Cassa Remix, B2: Audioinvasion Remix) [Leaded Records]
• Kid Creole & The Coconuts - Stool Pigeon (The Boris Dlugosch & Michi Lange Mixes) (A: Extended Club Version, B: Extended Club Instrumental) [Island REcords, Universal]
• Faithless feat. Dido - One step too far (A: Rollo & Sister Bliss Remix, B: Rollo & Sister Bliss Funky Remix) [Cheeky Records]
• Tom Novy feat. Sabrynaah Pope (Vinyl1 A: Original, B: Audio Drives's "It's all over your space Remix", Vinyl2 A: Tonuri Remix, B: Pufo Remix) [Kosmo Records]
• Players Inc. feat. Lisa Mack - Ultimate Love (A: Main Mix, B1: Original Mix, B2: Dub Mix) [M1 Records]
• Ferry Corsten - Fire (A: Bush II Bush Vocal Remix, B: Bush II Bush Instrumental Remix) [Positiva]
• Narcotic Thrust - Safe from harm (A: Andy Morris & Stuart Crichton Vocal Mix, B: K-Klass Off Limits Mix) [ffrr]
• Gardeweg - Push (A: Club Mix, B1: Strike Mix, B2: Mix Deluxe) [Kontor Records]
• Sono - 2000 Guns (A: Extended, B: Dub) [Zeitgeist]
• Robozoi - Comme ci comme ca (A: DJ 88 Keys & Groovemaster K's Club Remix, B1: DJ 88 Keys & Groovemaster K's Funk Dub, B2: Extended Mix) [EastWest]
• Da Hool feat. Jackie Bredie - Bow down (A1: Original, A2: Plastic Funk Remix, B: Monosurround Remix) [Kosmo Records]

Šīs house grupas plates pa 50 Ls kopā, atsevišķi pa 2,50Ls, plates, kā jaunas pāris reizes griezušās uz atskaņotāja

Deep Dish – Yoshiesque
Label:React – REACT LP 156
Format: 5 × Vinyl, LP, Compilation
Released: 23 Aug 1999
Genre: Electronic
Style: Progressive House, Deep House
Tracklist Hide Credits▼
A1 Morel* – True (The Faggot Is You) (Deep Dish Original Daddy Mix) Remix – Deep Dish 8:58
A2 Adam F – Music In My Mind (Deep Dish El Nino UK Extended Mix) Remix – Deep Dish 5:15
B1 Joystick – Listen (Do You Hear It?) 8:23
B2 Chiapet –Westworld (Medieval Funk Mix) 8:03
C1 Fluke – Slid (Modwheel Remix) Remix – Modwheel* 10:13
C2 Anthony Moriah – The Reality (Full Intention Dub Mix) Remix – Full Intention 5:34
C3 Satoshi Tomiie – Darkness (Cevin-a-pella) Vocals – Cevin Fisher 0:56
D1 Eric Gadd – The Right Way (Ian Pooley's Deep Way Mix) Remix – Ian Pooley 5:45
D2 Billie Ray Martin – Honey (Deep Dish Hoojee Dub) Remix – Deep Dish 10:43
E1 Atmosfear – Dancin' In Outer Space (Lunar Mix) 8:34
E2 War – Slippin' Into Darkness (Armand Van Helden Club Remix) Remix – Armand Van Helden 8:51
F1 Departure Lounge – Dep Lounge 2 (Vocal Mix) Vocals – Sor 9:19
F2 Chaser – Tall Stories (Pooley's 'Lars From Mars' Mix) Remix – Pooley* 6:09
G1 Zero G – Remembering (Acapella Mix) 1:17
G2 Culture Club – Do You Really Want To Hurt Me (Quivvers Mix) Remix – Quivver 12:09
H1 Underworld – Jumbo (Rob Rives And Francois K Main Dish) Remix – Rob Rives And Francois K* 8:26
H2 S.O.L. – Quantensprung 1 8:13
I1 Amoeba Assassin – Rollercoaster (Oakey's Courtyard Mix)Remix – Oakey* 8:15
I2 Lo-Fidelity Allstars – Many Tentacles Pimping On The Keys 7:13
J1 Mirror Boys, The – See The Music (1A.M Mix) 8:27
J2 N'Dea Davenport – Oh Mother Earth (Embrace) (Live Element Dub)Remix – Live Element 8:17
Par šo albūmu 12 Ls.

Techno and other hard things
1.Lectrolux – Baloney Reloaded II 2LS
2.Jon The Dentist Presents... Underground Cyber Movement – Volume 3 2Ls
3.Dirty Vegas – Brazilian 2LS
4.Gee Moore – G-Tribe 2LS

6.Kickstar – The Kickstar 1LS
7.Dido – All You Want 2LS
8.Ambush, The vs. Phools Inc – Asymmetric EP 3LS
9.Bomb Jack – Payoff EP 2LS
10.Various – Remixes Vol. 2 Dave Clarke Experience

Label:The Deep House Experience – DHERLP002
Format:2 × Vinyl, LP
Released:Jun 2005
Style:Techno, Electro
A1 Chemical Brothers, The – Chemical Beats (Dave Clarke Remix)
A2 Zombie Nation – Kernkraft 400 (Dave Clarke Remix)
B1 Fatboy Slim – Rebox (Dave Clarke Remix)
B2 Mirwais – Naive Song (Dave Clarke Remix)
B3 Laurent Garnier – Greed (Dave Clarke Remix)
C1 Fischerspooner – Emerge (Dave Clarke Remix)
C2 Slam – Lie To Me (Dave Clarke Remix)
D1 Faithless – We Come 1 (Dave Clarke Remix)
D2 Green Velvet – La La Land (Dave Clarke Remix)
D3 Death In Vegas – Rocco (Dave Clarke Remix)
11.Sterling Moss vs. Ant – Impulz 23
Visas kopā pa 25 Ls, atsevišķi cenas ir runājamas
1.Tony Van Kamono – Headrock
2.Soulfilter – Slut Strut
3.Primmi – Space Vox / Peacemaker
4.Lost Souls, Inc. – Can't Stop Us Now
5.MP3 (2) – Hot 4 U
6.Tom Harding vs. Jon The Dentist – 1988
7.Blag – Falling
8.Tom Slik – Intergalactic Trance Mission
9.Other Two, The – You Can Fly
10.Fantazia – Get To The Back
11.Trancefixion – Czar
12.Heaven`s children_ Bam Bam Truelove 1999
13.Loverman Featuring Colette (9) – Ain't Seen Nothing Yet!!!
14.Baby Doc – Yum Yum
15.Man With No Name – The First Day (Horizon)
16.Shane Morris vs. Jon The Dentist – House Forever
17.Disco Tits – And You Smell...
18.SERGIO The themeTrance
19.Justin O'Brien & JOY – Andromeda
Šīs 19 plates visas pa 15Ls, atsevišķi 1Ls.

Ian Pooley – In Other Words Vinyl Pt.1
5 Ls

Various – Subsidence
10 Ls

Drum and base plates...

1.Points in time005_GLR_1999 3X12”
2.London Elektricity-Pull the plug_hospital_2001 3X12”
3.Liftin`spirits-munition E.P._2000 2X12”
4.Flynn& Flora-seek and destroyEP_1996 2X12”
5.N.O.H.A-noise of human art-optical remix, bassface sacha`s open sky mix, sunrise & nomad remix.
6.Flytronix-Archive_moving shadow_1998 4X12”
7.Big Bud-high times/blunt_GLR_2000
8.Rantoul_changing Landscapes_limited edition of 3000_GLR_2000 2X12”
9.Sonic Generation-Absolute magnitude/ Nu-Moon- SB-NOO Moon_LGR_2000 2X12”
10.TAYLA-Soul survivors_GLR_2000 2x12”
11.Points in time008_GLR_2000 3X12”
12.Points in time007_GLR_2000 3X12”
14.Compiled & Mixed By Nicky Blackmarket- Best of Drum + bass volume2_Azuli records_2001 3X12”
15.Flynn+Flora- Warped-headspace_1997
16.Pandram-fatale stunt_Poetsclub records_1997
17.Acetate- Spirit remixes_labello blanco rec._1998
18.DJ Krust- The flava E.P._V recordings

20.Nookie- We can make it happen_Labello blanco rec
21.Blue sonix- disco_new identity rec
22.Spring heel Jack- bank of america_island rec._1997
23.Spring heel jack- Versions_island rec_1996 2X12”
24.Total science3_1997 2X12”
25.Shaba Ranks Shy FX_ Shine eye gal 1995
26.Dj Krust_decoded_mercuryrec_2000 4X12”

28.Photek_Ni-Ten-Ichi-Ryu_virgin rec_1997
Par cenām jautāt atsevišķi caur e-pastu. Visas kopā pa 120 ls

Colored and picture vinyl
Colored and picture vinyl
1.Various – Clubbgroove Selected Vol. 2 (picture) 4LS
2.Cosmosonic – Access / Policy Of Trance 4LS
3.Blue Tribe – What's Goin On? (2 vinyl) (blue) 3LS
4.O.R.G.A.N. – To The World 4LS
5.Angello & Ingrosso* – Yeah (yellow) 4LS
6.Headstorm – Down On The Streets / Voices 4LS
7.Electric Heaven 4LS
8.DNX Vs. The Voice – In The Ghetto (picture) 5LS
9.Master And Servant* – Phase The Face / Dreaming 4LS
10. Das Licht- take 0ff (yellow) 3Ls
11.Hocus Pocus- Vibrator (transparent) 3Ls
12.The Difference- Funny Walker the remixes (blue) 7” 2Ls
13.Caroline Henderson – kiss me kiss me (light blue) 3Ls
14.Onda del Future- believe in you (picture) 3Ls
15.Brainbox- get ready (black with yellow elements) 3Ls
16. Rio and Mars- boy i gotta have you (yellow) 3Ls
17.Cyclonic-drop da bazz (green) 3Ls
18.Terra Wuzza- Musica (red) 3Ls
19.BB`s- tar-zan (ultra green) 3Ls
20.Microglobe- environ-mentality (transparent) 3Ls
21.Dj Ricci vs. Morati- The game (red) 3Ls
22. Dj hooker- do the blues (blue) 3Ls
23. Exodus feat. Pa`shon & Rudy Rude- the tide is high (black with picture) 5Ls
24.Klubheads only (picture) 4Ls
25.Love and fate E.P.- house nation (red) 4Ls
26.CH connection- push me, blue move (light blue) 4Ls
27.Sin with sebastian- shut up (and sleep with me) (pink) 2Ls
28.Umoya- Hey you (blue transparent) 2Ls
29.C+C music factory (1994 sony music)2 Lp (transparent yellow +red) 5Ls
30. Heath hunter & the pleasure company- revolution in paradise (yellow transparent) 2Ls
31. Erin Cruise- eat your heart out (red) 2Ls

Par šiem krāsainajiem ripuļiem 50Ls

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3 līmenī - Mikseris.LV forumā
3 līmenī - Mikseris.LV forumā

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nebūtu slikti ja būtu kataloga numurs katram ierakstam. citādi nereti to variantu ir tik daudz, ka .......

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reģistrēts - Mikseris.LV forumā
reģistrēts - Mikseris.LV forumā

Joined: 23-Jan-2012 20:28:48
Posts: 3
nebūtu slikti ja būtu kataloga numurs katram ierakstam. citādi nereti to variantu ir tik daudz, ka .......
Ar kataloga numuriem būs diezgan grūti, bet ja konkrēti kāda plate interesē, tad varu info sameklēt un uz e-mail aizsūtīt...

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nebūtu slikti ja būtu kataloga numurs katram ierakstam. citādi nereti to variantu ir tik daudz, ka .......
Ar kataloga numuriem būs diezgan grūti, bet ja konkrēti kāda plate interesē, tad varu info sameklēt un uz e-mail aizsūtīt...

www.discogs.com - viegli izveidot savu kolekciju, ir export iespeja .. liela ierakstu datbubaze. var ari savus relizes variantu pievienot..

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