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Digital coaxial output Vs. Optical output
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Author:  dawhite [ 14-Feb-2008 15:46:26 ]
Post subject:  Digital coaxial output Vs. Optical output

Laba diena visiem.

Runa iet par HOME tehniku.

pashlaik ir ta, ka iekartam ir gan digitala koaxiala izeja (ieeja), gan optiska ...

optiska it ka laikam labaka, jo uz to neietekme arejie faktori ........ BET, kapec tad dargakai aparaturai gadas ta, ka IR digital coaxial, bet NAV optical ? kapec ta?

Author:  ag123 [ 14-Feb-2008 16:50:08 ]
Post subject: 

Starpības nekādas ,reku angliski smuki noformulēts +/-:

There are no differences in the signals transmitted over optical or coaxial S/PDIF connectors—both carry exactly the same information. Selection of one over the other rests mainly on the availability of appropriate connectors on the chosen equipment and the preference and convenience of the user. Connections longer than 6 meters or so, or those requiring tight bends, should use coaxial cable, since the high light signal attenuation of TOSLINK cables limits its effective range. On the other hand, TOSLINK cables are not susceptible to ground loops and RF interference like coaxial cables.One deciding factor for many is cost—any standard 75 Ω A/V cable can be used for coaxial connectivity, while TOSLINK requires a specific cable which until recently was not very affordable.

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