Recordstores and clubs in riga?

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Recordstores and clubs in riga?

#1 Postby Hank » 02-May-2006 7:56:27


I'll be moving to Riga next summer and i would like to know a few things about the local recordstores and clubscene. I mostly collect and spin funk, jazz, soul, hip-hop, breaks, disco, boogie and italo. So what are the best recordstores, fleamarkets and clubs for this type of music? Any local websites or forums?


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#2 Postby esoniq » 02-May-2006 13:45:02


Unfortunately, there are no recordstores in Latvia.. Only few little shops provide a possibility to order records, for example, hi-end store 'Unisons', but it is easier to order them yourself in the Internet. Fleamarket? You can visit it, only if you want to look on something exotic; you won't find there any records you would like to.

And talkin bout the scene - it's awful, cause of its mainstream, which is not very interesting to you, but you will find a place here 100%.

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