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Dj Cute - Tribute To Liquids
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Author:  Cute [ 10-Mar-2010 13:09:33 ]
Post subject:  Dj Cute - Tribute To Liquids

This mix was recently broadcasted in "Intelligent Beats" radioshow (http://www.downtempo.lv) on 7th.March of 2010

It reveals what was happening in goa-psy parties made by "Liquids" collective back in years 2003-2004, where i've been residencing with psy-chill sets along with dj Wickiss

This music is recorded as a mix-tape only now on March of 2010, most of the tracks are from those times,
but some of new ones are also included.

Get prepared for long time psy-chill experience!

Download link:
http://soundcloud.com/djcute/dj-cute-tr ... s/download

Pre-listen link:
http://soundcloud.com/djcute/dj-cute-tr ... o-liquids/

1. Carbon Based Lifeforms - Mos 6581 (Album Version) [Ultimae Records]
2. Event Horizon - Endless Ocean [Twisted Records]
3. Ticon - The First Moment [Digital Structures]
4. Space Buddha - Fly High [Agitato Records]
5. Shakatura - Lucid Dreaming [Higher Octave Music]
6. Shen - Descendant [New Land Music]
7. Freeworm - Steeps [Interchill Records]
8. Dab Screen - Oversleep [Digital Structures]
9. Cord - Zodiac [Aleph Zero Records]
10. Makyo - Chandan [World Domination Recordings]
11. Shpongle - Divine Moments Of Truth [Twisted Records]
12. Shiva Shidapu - Tiwanacu [Shiva Space Technology]
13. Bluetech - Honey In The Heart [Aleph Zero Records]
14. Ott - Splitting An Atom [Twisted Records]
15. Solar Fields - Times Are Good (Sometimes Remix) [Ultimae Records]
16. Kritical Audio - Yellow Blend [Spiral Trax]
17. Solea Amphibia - Trunk II [No Bones Records]
18. Kaya Project - Slide [Interchill Records]
19. Aba Structure feat. Irina Mikhailova - Rescue [Interchill Records]
20. Ten Madison - The Day [Millennium Records]
21. Nuclear Ramjet - Near Earth Project [Yellow Sunshine Explosion]
22. Irina Mikhailova & Michael Emenau - 1000 Pieces [Ceiba Records]

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