RAVEMIX0022: Dj Cute - If Tomorrow Will Be A Rave Day

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RAVEMIX0022: Dj Cute - If Tomorrow Will Be A Rave Day

#1 Postby Cute » 12-Mar-2010 8:24:31

Rave-like mix,
tech-house and techno music including also some psy, trance and dubby elements.
Sounds of trains are also featured in this mix:) Enjoy and have a good party by listening to this one!:)

*this mix recorded especially for http://www.rave.lv RAVEMIX series

Download link:
http://soundcloud.com/djcute/ravemix002 ... y/download

Pre-listen link:
http://soundcloud.com/djcute/ravemix002 ... a-rave-day

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